• Public Lecture Series

    The Public Lecture Series was created to share stories about field work, develop concepts through case studies, and inspire people from the moments on expeditions that are seldom seen or published. The events are free to attend and accredited for CPD / Fellow Credit Points. Hosted on the 3rd Thursday of each month @6pm AEST (8am GMT).

  • Series One - Dispatches from the field

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    Dispatch 1 - "Sure looks cold out there!" with Dr Sandy MacQuarrie

    The cold is an extreme environment that some health care workers operate in. But when we talk cold, we don’t mean a balmy -3 degrees Celsius. We mean, if you get things wrong, you and your patient are in a lot of trouble. Travel north to Canada in the dead of winter and back in time to join Sandy and the flight team from New Brunswick AirCare on a time critical call when the temperature reads (with wind chill) -36 degrees Celsius. Oh, and the patient has just been born....at 24 weeks gestation.


    Dispatch dropping on 21 March 2024 @ 6pm AEST

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    Dispatch 2 - "Remote Rollover Response in PNG" with Mr Kerryn Wratt

    Join Kerryn as he delves into the challenges of responding to a remote vehicle roll over in Papua New Guinea


    Dispatch dropping on 18 April 2024 @ 6pm AEST

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    Dispatch 3 - "A refugee Crisis" with Dr Kate Baecher

    Join Dr Kate Baecher as she talks of her experience working in the Rohingya Refugee Camp post genocide. Hear as she discusses the challenges of working with the survivors who had managed evacuate and cross the border to Myanmar, the medical presentations including the human-side; what humans need when in crisis, how we as responders can look after ourselves and our team-mates, and the emotional impact of the deployment.


    Dispatch dropping on 16 May 2024 @ 6pm AEST

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    Dispatch 4 - "When those that carry you, fall" with Dr Dan Lack

    Join Dr Dan lack while he explores a case study of a seriously ill porter on a Kilimanjaro summit attempt.


    Dispatch dropping on 20 June 2024 @ 6pm AEST

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    Dispatch 5 - "How to prepare for where?" with Dr Brent Systermanns

    Have you ever wondered how a medic can prepare for an expedition into the unknown? Join Dr Brent Systermanns as he delves into his professional experience in preparing for expeditions from the mountains of Australiasia to Nepal and the Antarctic.


    Dispatch dropping on 18 July 2024 @ 6pm AEST

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    Dispatch 6 - "The potential role of ECMO in accidental hypothermia" with Dr Malin Zachau

    In extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), blood is pumped outside of your body to a heart-lung machine that essentially removes carbon dioxide and sends oxygen-filled blood back to tissues in the body. During this public lecture Dr Malin will discuss the potential role of ECMO in accidental hypothermia patients in New Zealand.


    Dispatch dropping on 15 August 2024 @ 6pm AEST

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