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  • For CPD and Education Providers

    Thank you for choosing the Academy of Extreme Environment Medicine (AEEM) to accredit your course or event. AEEM accredits both clinical and nonclinical professional education activities as a pathway to a professional Fellowship for clinicians who work, or will work in extreme environments. Accredited activities provide candidates with a broad range of quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities relevant to extreme environment medicine.



    AEEM require educational activities to be professionally structured, high quality and relevant to extreme environment healthcare delivery. Education providers seeking accreditation will have their activities assessed against a core and elective module framework and will be approved credits that are able to be used for fellowship. AEEM accredits activities delivered rather than the providers.



    Application Process & Fees


    There is an initial application fee of $240.00 AUD to accredit a course or event with AEEM.

    An accreditation period is valid for 2 years.

    A re-accreditation fee of $195.00 AUD applies for each subsequent accreditation period for a course or event to remain accredited with AEEM (accreditation period is 24 months).



    Benefits of Accreditation


    • Reputation - Accredited courses are proven to attract more clientele.
    • Optics - Being part of a community of extreme environment clinicians.
    • Advertising - Your course will appear on our Training Calendar free of charge every year.
    • Networking - Your organization can post to our jobs board free of charge as many times as they need per year.
    • Presences - Access to our social media presence (Facebook – 6000+ followers across 2 accounts, Instagram – access to 3000 followers across 2 accounts, LinkedIn – access to over 8000 followers across 2 accounts)
    • Partner Discounts - Discounted advertising in our magazine and podcast (these are launching in 2024)


  • Course Accrediation Application

    This form is to be filled out by a representative person with an authority to represent the organisation applying for accreditation

  • Accreditation Fee Payment

    You can now make payment easily and seamlessly by clicking the relevant button below. The initial accreditation review can take up to 14 days to complete.