• The Fellowship of Extreme Environment Medicine

    Complete the benchmark that demonstrates not just the knowledge, but the experience of a clinician working in extreme environment medicine.

  • The Program

    The Fellowship program is designed with a comprehensive list of Extreme Environment Medicine related topics divided into 19 modules. Each module is made up of topics that are allocated several hours of development and education that satisfies the subject matter through eligible activities. These activities are delivered by accredited education providers through online and practical engagement mediums that will involve hands-on training.


    The topics are numerically ordered to assist candidates map their journey to Fellowship. Candidates who fulfil the 100 credit point benchmark will be awarded Fellowship.

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    A World-Class Fellowship in Extreme Environment Medicine


    Benchmarked for Success

    The Academy of Extreme Environment Medicine maintains a demanding set of benchmarks that validates and authenticates each candidates’ professional qualifications and experience in providing clinical care in Extreme Environment Medicine.

    A Deeper Experience

    The Academy accredits conferences, courses, and training events against a Core Curriculum of medical, clinical and environmental topics. Fellow candidates for the Academy can partake in eligible activities to obtain credit for the topics covered.

    True Professionalism

    When candidates achieve the benchmark curriculum in conjunction with the required professional experience, they will qualify for Fellowship of the Academy of Extreme Environment Medicine and approved to use the post-nominals FAEEM.

  • Fellowship Modules

    The Fellowship is made up of 19 Modules (5 Core & 14 Elective). Candidates are to achieve at least 30 Core Credits and 20-40 Experience Report Credits. The Elective Credits are at the discretion of the candidate to complete. If an elective module is completed, a separate "Specialist" Certificate is issued to the Candidate. Below are the modules of this Fellowship.


    1. CORE Module 1 - Introduction to Extreme Environment Medicine (C1-IEEM)
    2. CORE Module 2 - Leadership in Austere Environments (C2-LAE)
    3. CORE Module 3 – Expedition Field Skills (C3-EFS)
    4. CORE Module 4 – Expedition Medicine Skills (C4-EMS)
    5. CORE Module 5 – Medical Emergencies in Austere Environments (C5-MEAE)
    6. ELECTIVE Module 6 - Altitude Medicine (E6-AM)
    7. ELECTIVE Module 7 - Desert Medicine (E7-DeM)
    8. ELECTIVE Module 8 - Dive Medicine (E8-DiM)
    9. ELECTIVE Module 9 - Flight Medicine (E9-FM)
    10. ELECTIVE Module 10 - Humanitarian Medicine (E10-HM)
    11. ELECTIVE Module 11 - Marine Medicine (E11-MaM)
    12. ELECTIVE Module 12 - Mountain Medicine (E12-MoM)
    13. ELECTIVE Module 13 – Polar Medicine (E13-PM)
    14. ELECTIVE Module 14 - Space Medicine (E14-SM)
    15. ELECTIVE Module 15 - Tactical Medicine (E15-TaM)
    16. ELECTIVE Module 17- Tropical Medicine (E16-TrM)
    17. ELECTIVE Module 17 - Travel Medicine (E17-Tra)
    18. ELECTIVE Module 18 - Sports and Endurance Medicine (E18 -SEM)
    19. ELECTIVE Module 19 – Universal Skills (E19 -US)

  • How It Works



    Sign up as a member

    Just fill out the form on the home page to receive AEEM updates


    Apply for candidacy

    Submit a Fellow candidacy application form, pay the application fee & download the logbook


    Develop your skills

    Candidates have 5 years to complete:

    30+ Core Credit Points

    40+ Experience Credits

    30+ Elective Credits



    Submit your portfolio

    Submit your portfolio and it will be reviewed and assessed by board members from our faculty



    Awarded Fellow (FAEEM) and any specialist certificates earned through the candidacy

  • Logbooks & Reports

    Experience Report

    The experience report is an important piece of evidence required for your final assessment. The experience report is downloadable and is to be maintained and submitted with your logbook for assessment. Candidates have five (5) years to complete and demonstrate 20-40 credit points of experience working in extreme environment health care delivery as a medic, clinician or responder. Previous experience is acceptable to backdate however additional evidence may be requested. An example experience report is downloadable below as a prepatory resource.

    Download: Experience Report (example)

    CPD Log book / Fellowship Planner

    The CPD log book is another important piece of evidence when your application is assessed and the CPD logbook records your development within the extreme environment health care space. An example CPD Logbook is downloadable below as a prepatory resource.

    Download: Logbook / Fellowship Planner (example)

  • How to apply to be a Fellow

    Firstly, you must be a Member of the academy. You can sign up on the home page.

    Next you need to fill in the fellow candidate application form found below (Apply Now button). Once your application has been approved you will be sent a link to your application fee (one time payment $165.00AUD). Following confirmation of payment you will receive a Fellow Handbook and a Fellow Portfolio which includes your CPD Log Book and an Experience Report Form. These documents must be maintained by the candidate. Candidates have five (5) years to acquire 100 credit points of approved and eligible activates to obtain a Fellowship.

  • Levels of Fellowship

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    Fellow Candidate

    An approved candidate who is working towards their fellowship in extreme environment medicine

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    Associate Fellow

    A non-health/medical professional who has fulfilled the required 100 credit points to obtain Fellowship

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    A health/medical professional who has fulfilled the required 100 credit points to obtain Fellowship

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    Master Fellow

    An approved Fellow with significant professional experience in the field

  • A Guide to Fellowship

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    The Academy of Extreme Environment Medicine